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new york 1951 3:10AM eerie music comes from a neighbor's transistor radio and wakes me up, i find out later the man living in apartment 5B invented the time machine which is bad news for us all

new york 1951 4:50AM i wake up to the sound of an electrical storm and am confronted with this view in my back window i phone martin galligar which is the name of the man that lives in apartment 3B who has never closed his curtain in ten years and he tells me that he just got back from an extended vacation in aruba a second ago after he found himself inexplicably transported to a fine sand beach for two years and then back again presumably i'd say on this very same night

1:12 am i have found recently that since the rather odd occurrence regarding MG/the fine sand beaches ive seen what are best described as frothy wisps beyond my window late in the evening. i look to the alley which is sparsely illuminated by lamp light coming from martha halomey's window across the way. martha likes to stay up late and watch reruns. i will show freida in the morning but i can already tell she'll likely attribute the wisps to "double exposure effects"

3:19 am this image was captured exactly three days since ive last picked up the old camera. this my friends i believe is indeed what you might call an "interesting development indeed". i was sitting up in bed in the dark of night, freida sleeping beside me frankly like similar to how a log sleeps. i was nursing my bottle doing nothing else in particular when i hear a friendly owl call from the sitting room just beyond freida and my bedroom. "Hoo" i exit wearing my nightclothes and still holding that bottle and i glance out the window and i'll tell you in that very exact moment i could have sworn my peepers had gone bad. there was what could best be described as "lasers" coming from martha halomey's window seemingly being ejected by a red colored nub like object. i know now that the frothy wisps ive been seeing must be linked to her and this "laser" and perhaps the whole lot of things just mentioned have to do with MG's recent disappearance/ Aruban fine sand beaches. Oh the "lasers" were a color that i have never seen before. no, they were not mixtures of already existing colors to create a brand new hue. not identifiable. I suppose this was my cameras best attempt at rendering.....what to do..dont feel good anymore going back to frieda

11:15 pm weird lights coming from above and i cannot know what will become of me

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